Time is relative, isn’t it?

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

I think, Time is a perception of an individual. If we were to observe time from a clear and calm mind, we find it to be moving slow. But if we dwell too much into the vagaries of life and lose focus of the ultimate objective, time does move really, really fast!

Has it been so for you?

So what is it, that is constant and continuously marches forward?

I believe it is existence. Our existence isn’t measured by time. But our ability to be of calm and peaceful mind, in taking our time to observe, learn and share. So that we can do more in our one existence. And that is because we can slow time through that lens! Once we run out of that ability, we start losing time and eventually, we cease to exist!

Interesting, isn’t it?



Vivek Singh

Software Engineer by profession. I write about technology, personal finance and travel.